Bathmate Reviews - What Customers Say About Our Penis Pumps

Want to see some Bathmate reviews? We've asked some of our customers to share their experiences with Bathmate through social media, email and our blog - here's what some of our million-plus users had to say:

  • Anonymous, 18-24, 2020 SurveyAbsolutely love this product. Immediate results but you have to keep using to keep them. Best purchase.
  • Ellis Lacy, ModelI've been having some incredible gains... I feel a lot more confident in myself, a lot healthier.
  • Anonymous, 35-44, 2020 Survey:  I had lost length and girth apparently due to aging. I also occasionally suffered from E. D. My [Hydro]Xtreme cured the E.D. after one week of use. I've also gained over an inch in length. I'm almost back to where I was after high school.
  •  Dan Green, Bathmate Fan:  I feel really, really positive about everything that's happened. As you've seen, I've made some pretty, pretty good results... I have longer erections... I'm a lot more confident... absolutely on point. 
  • Anonymous, Social Media SurveyI have been using a Bathmate Hydromax7 pump for 6 months and have almost conquered my ED.  I have gained 7/8" (23mm) in BPEL [Bone Pressed Erect Length]  and 3/8" (10mm) in mid-shaft EG and 3/4" (18mm) in girth at the base of the shaft.  At 7 5/8" BPEL and 5 3/4" MEG [Middle Erect Girth], I now need to move up to the HydroXtreme9.  Not bad for a guy 64 years young!  Bathmate works!
  • Anonymous, Social Media SurveyI have been using a pump for about 2 years now and I went from 5 1/4' in length to 6' and the I got the Hydromax and I have increased to 7' in just about 4 weeks since I started using the Hydromax.
  • Dr James Barada, Urologist: T he Bathmate hydropump works because it increases the size of the penis by drawing blood into the penis and expanding the natural vascular channels that are found there...You get a lot of advantages by regular use of this device... I advocate for the Bathmate for people who are concerned about erection quality.
  • Anonymous, Social Media SurveyBathmate is an amazing product, I love growing and getting bigger. I use various pumps but Bathmate have helped me get past 7 inches in girth! Which I never dreamed of before, here's to even more growth in the future.

Obviously, we've chosen to highlight some of the best reviews we've seen for Bathmate. We don't want to mislead you, though. We're able to post so many great reviews because our pumps deliver real, impressive results - or your money back. Head over to our Bathmate results page to see the actual stats for yourself, courtesy of our latest customer survey!

While results vary, we guarantee that you're going to be pleased with Bathmate. Our 60 day guarantee means that if you don't get the results you're hoping for, we'll give you a complete, no-questions-asked refund, available for 60 days after you buy. No strings attached. Get ready for real gains.

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Has Bathmate made a difference for you? If you've got a review you want to share with us, just get in touch through our social media!